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Self Elected Project : National Identity/ Cultural Imperialsm

This was my self elected project throughout the final year of my degree,  I originally commenced research into a question I raised on “what it is to be British?” the research incorporated historical research into the British Isles, British Empire, national personification, detournament and cultural imperialism. The final resolution was a fold out poster I wanted to depict as “New Britain, the 51st State of America”, this was a satirical response to America’s stealth imperialism of the world, through the commercial ties of Wal – Mart, McDonalds, Microsoft, Coca Cola and the abundance of American brands that are in our faces down our high streets and shopping malls. I had studied the composition of the other 50 American state flags and seals. So I designed a sort of geographical information page for the State of New Britain. I have created the poster in away so that it can correspond to a series of fold out posters for each state of America, I have also set all typefaces in popular American fonts used over the last few decades, Interstate, Franklin Gothic and Goudy.


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