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Welcome… bienvenue Willkommen recepción benvenuto welkom 歓迎 歡迎

Hello and welcome to my blog, my name is James Dalgarno and this is the blog aimed at promoting my ever growing collection of graphic design work, photography (when I get round to scanning my negs 😛 ) and my personal interests be it design related, a book I am reading or some form of horrendous youtube clip or news article I enjoy or hate.


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Self Elected Project : National Identity/ Cultural Imperialsm

This was my self elected project throughout the final year of my degree,  I originally commenced research into a question I raised on “what it is to be British?” the research incorporated historical research into the British Isles, British Empire, national personification, detournament and cultural imperialism. The final resolution was a fold out poster I wanted to depict as “New Britain, the 51st State of America”, this was a satirical response to America’s stealth imperialism of the world, through the commercial ties of Wal – Mart, McDonalds, Microsoft, Coca Cola and the abundance of American brands that are in our faces down our high streets and shopping malls. I had studied the composition of the other 50 American state flags and seals. So I designed a sort of geographical information page for the State of New Britain. I have created the poster in away so that it can correspond to a series of fold out posters for each state of America, I have also set all typefaces in popular American fonts used over the last few decades, Interstate, Franklin Gothic and Goudy.

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ISTD 2008/2009 – 10 things you should know about…

Ok so not the most original title 😦 so I named my project London on the Thame ‘s the little box of sculptures 🙂 this was in aid of the ISTD (International Society of Typographic Designers) student competition, for this brief we had to create a concept that contained 10 things facts or rules about a certain theme, to which that theme was of an on going series of publications e.g. my sculpture walk was to cover 10 areas of the thames from Putney bridge to Tower Bridge. My love for international style took this project down a very type based route with limited imagery and my good friend Akzidenz Grotesk, (just the map of the area and the sculpture figures that shine through the offenbach bible paper).  Part of the brief was to create a further 2 covers for over publications so you will notice the simple spot colour scheme I decided to go with through the series. Here is my Strategy for the brief.

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D& AD New Blood 2009

a select few pics of my work exhibited at the D& AD New Blood exhibition this week, I had my self elected project on display and my ISTD and Ethical Design piece on show in the Portfolio 🙂

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Articles for Pugwash Magazine

From 2008 – 2009 I worked part time as a sub-design editor for the student magazine Pugwash, these are a few example of articles I had published.

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Freelance Work: Wetsuit Design for Daryl Tyndall

Daryl Tyndall asked me to design his wetsuit for his primary season in Team GB’s Waterski racing season, this is very different from what I would ever normally do, but I had a go, had some fun and as it was completely unchartered territory for me I had some great communication with Daryl to come up with a design all parties were very happy with, so it really was an invaluable job for me to take.

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Play 2 Create : Narrative of a Film expressed in animation

This was a university brief on learning the basics of Flash and actionScript. I chose the film Control at the time as I was personally engaged in the many books and documentaries surrounding Ian Curtis, Joy Division,Factory Records and the Manchester Movement of the late 1970’s. A fundamental aspect of the brief was to encapsulate the key themes of the narrative without running through a step by step guide to the movie, after really engaging with the film I set my animation in what would seem an old black and white television set, this would prove very affective in animating any buttons or key actions as I could subtly introduce colour as a wayfinding system around the site. I researched lots of photography books from the Manchester, industrial moments of the late 70’s to get that real gritty feeling of the time. I felt the older photography I aquired along with photos of my own, and stills from the film really blended well together and I felt the animation flowed really well.

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Recognition Day 2008

this was my response to the postcard competition for recognition day back in 2008, I wanted to recognize the effort the british troops had put in overseas, regardless on our personal and political views of what they are fighting for. I wanted to use a more traditional and challenging method to produce a piece for the postcard, so I decided to research into war photography, and I created a woodcut print of a John Capa photo I used in my research, I used the image from my woodcut print and created a sort of postcard sized image that would correspond to the format of the promotional postcards.

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Culture & Identification

This was a project to raise questions about what sort of a designer us students at Portsmouth were. Weather we were concerned about self preservation and earning some cash, or whether we had a ethical boarder line we wouldn’t cross e.g. working for certain corporations who have any form scrutiny about their practices and treatments of employees. I researched heavily into culture jamming and discovered one of my now favourite magazines, Adbusters, in response to this i really enjoyed the detournement adverts on the back of their magazines, it was such a large canvas for expression, so I responded with my own response to the oil business and certain research findings on how they have slowed the global outcry for conservation of energy. I silk screened the poster using water based inks onto some handmade Indian paper I acquired, not only did this have a fantastically unique affect on the print, it upheld the ethical decisions i made about my work.


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